Domain Reseller. All You Need to Resell Domains

We’ve got a whopping 100+ extensions, including country code, generic, and new gTLDs. As a domain reseller, you can have access to all through one simple API call. Once you're a domain reseller you can quickly and easily deploy new domains, increasing the likelihood that your customers’ domain names will be available. Our team works closely with global domain registries and has the lowdown on all the complicated registration rules. If you have any questions, keep reading for more details about our domain reseller programme.

Why become a domain reseller?

Besides giving you over 100+ ways to make a profit, here are some other reasons to become a reseller:

  • Our robust and secure DNS infrastructure provides superior connectivity and redundancy.
  • A domain reseller API that gives direct access to our technology and our products.
  • Full business automation from our domain reseller platform, that integrates with WHMCS.
  • Over a decade of domain experience, winning awards along the way.
  • Long-standing relationships with domain registries round the world.

Reseller automation

WHMCS is the market’s most popular solution for domain name reseller automation. It lets you build a professional and fully-automated domain hosting reseller business. It takes little effort and no technical know-how. WHMCS is a customisable management platform for online businesses. It has the functionality to automate your products, pricing, billing, and support.

Using a Web-Leader & WHMCS combo adds power and flexibility to your domain reseller business. You can automate daily operations, leaving you more time to develop your business.


  • Buy, transfer, and renew domains in real time.
  • From quotes to invoices with a single click.
  • Manage name servers.
  • DNS record management.
  • View and update WHOIS information.