This Acceptable Use Policy sets forth the terms and conditions of your use of hosting and related services ("Services"). In this Agreement "You" and "Your" refer to you or any agent, employee, servant or person authorized to act on your behalf. "We", "Us" and "Our" refer to as well as its subsidiaries and sister companies (collectively "Web-Leader"). This Agreement explains our obligations to You, and explains your obligations to us for various services offered by Web-Leader Hosting Company. When You use Your account or permit someone else to use it to purchase or otherwise acquire access to additional Web-Leader service(s) or products or to cancel Your Web-Leader service(s) (even if we were not notified of such authorization), this Agreement covers such service or actions.

1. Sharing of Information.

As a condition of purchasing and using "Dedicated Server" plans, You acknowledge and agree that Web-Leader may provide Your personal information to their partners, as necessary to provide You with the selected products and services. The provided information falls into the following categories: (i) Information that users provide through optional, voluntary submissions. These are voluntary submissions made by You in order to receive our electronic newsletters, to participate in our message boards or forums, to email a friend, and to participate in polls and surveys; and (ii) Information Web-Leader gathers through aggregated tracking information derived mainly by tallying page views throughout our sites. This information allows us to better tailor our content to users' needs and to help our advertisers and sponsors better understand the demographics of our audience. Because Web-Leader derives its revenue mainly from sponsorships and advertising, providing such aggregated demographic data is essential to keeping our select services free to users. Under no circumstances does Web-Leader divulge any information about an individual user to a third party. Further information regarding the nature of information shared by Web-Leader can be obtained by reviewing the Privacy Policy. You acknowledge and agree that Your name and justification may be disclosed to certain registries, including, but not limited to, the American Registry of Internet Numbers, in accordance with policies promulgated by any and all such registries and such information may be displayed on the Whois.

2. User Obligations.

You represent and warrant to Web-Leader that: Your content does not and shall not contain any content, materials, data, work, trade or service mark, trade name, link, advertising or services that actually or potentially violate any applicable law or regulation or infringe or misappropriate any proprietary, intellectual property, contract or tort right of any person and that You own Your server content and all proprietary or intellectual property rights therein, or have express written authorization from the owner to copy, use and display the content on and within Your server account. You also represent and warrant that the server content being hosted by Web-Leader shall not be used in connection with any illegal activity.

3. Network Interruptions.

Web-Leader will use its best efforts to maintain a full time Internet presence for Your account. You hereby acknowledge that the network may, at various time intervals, be down due, but not restricted to, utility interruption, equipment failure, natural disaster, acts of God, or human error. In no event shall Web-Leader be liable to You for any damages resulting from or related to any failure or delay of Web-Leader in providing access to the Internet under this Agreement. In no event shall Web-Leader be liable to You for any indirect, special or consequential damages or lost profits arising out of or related to this Agreement or the performance or breach thereof. The aggregate, total liability of Web-Leader under this Agreement, if any, shall in no event or circumstance exceed the total amount actually paid by the Account Holder hereunder. The terms of this Section will survive the termination of this Agreement.

4. Accounts.

This Agreement applies to all accounts, sub-accounts, and alternative account names associated with Your principal account. You are responsible for the use of each account, whether used under any name or by any person, and for ensuring full compliance with this Agreement by all users of that account. A Web-Leader account may not be transferred without prior written approval from Web-Leader.

5. IP Address.

Web-Leader assigns to You an Internet Protocol ("IP") address in connection with Your use of the Web-Leader services. The right to use that IP address will remain with and belong only to Web-Leader, and You will have no right to use that IP address except as allowed by Web-Leader in its sole and absolute discretion.

6. Payment Terms.

  • You may receive a refund if Your account is cancelled within the initial 14 days after sign up. If the account holder cancels after the time period specified, there will be no refund given. Refunds do NOT apply to dedicated servers, dedicated IP addresses, SSL certificates or domain registration related fees. Important: If You cancel within the first 14 days and have registered free domain name with us during this time period, Web-Leader will charge You a one time fee of $12.00 per domain name if You do not wish to continue with the domain name transfer. If You cancel your account and wish to transfer free domain name registered by Web-Leader to any other registrar You will be charged a one time fee of $15 per transfer per domain. These terms are in place to prevent abuse of our free domain name(s) service.
  • Web-Leader may temporarily deny service or terminate this Agreement upon Your failure to pay charges when they become due. Such termination or denial will not relieve You of responsibility for the payment of all accrued charges, plus reasonable interest and any collection fees.
  • If Your account becomes overdue, the account will be suspended. Interest will accrue on the overdue account at a rate of 1.5% per month until the outstanding balance is paid in full.
  • If You improperly charge back for services rendered, Your account will be terminated and a $200.00 charge back fee will be added to the amount charged back by You.
  • For closed accounts there is a $15 per incident charge for all inquiries regarding previous services and or support.
  • Backups of new/changed data are made weekly for shared servers. No guarantees are made of any kind, either expressed or implied, as to the integrity of these backups. Backups are made for server restoration purposes only. It is Your responsibility to maintain local copies of their web content and information. A "Backup/Restore" feature is included with each hosting plan and You can use this tool to back up Your files. If loss of data occurs due to an error of Web-Leader, we will attempt to recover the date for no charge to the client. If data loss occurs due to negligence of a client in securing their account or by an action of the client, Web-Leader will attempt to recover the data from the most recent archive for a $15.00 fee.

7. Secure Shell ("SSH") Access.

To request SSH access with Shared hosting plans You need to contact support. Upon your request You will be granted Jail access to the system on a provisionary basis any misuse of the system will result in access being revoked. The use of php or any other means to circumvent this policy will result in immediate account termination. SSH access will be provided to You by default with VPS plans and dedicated servers.

8. Prohibited activities.

By using any Services, provided by Web-Leader You agree:

  • not to violate the laws, regulations, ordinances or other such requirements of any applicable Federal, State or local government.
  • not to transmit any unsolicited commercial or bulk email, not to be engaged in any activity known or considered to be spamming or Mail Bombing.
  • not to make any inappropriate communication to any Newsgroup, Mailing List, Chat Facility, or another Internet Forum.
  • not to make, attempt or allow any unauthorized access to Web-Leader website, servers, your own hosting account or the account of any other customers of Web-Leader.
  • not to allow any remote code execution of malicious software through the hosting account provided by Web-Leader.
  • not to cause denial of service attacks, port scans or other endangering and invasive procedures against Web-Leader servers and facilities or the servers and facilities of other network hosts or Internet users.
  • not to forge the signature or other identifying mark or code of any other person or engage in any activity to attempt to deceive other persons regarding the true identity of the User.
  • not to use Web-Leader services to host any website, other content, links or advertisements of websites that: infringe any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other proprietary rights of any third party information; are connected with child pornography; profess hatred for particular social, ethnical, religious or other group; contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of a computer or a person's property; contain warez; contain any kind of proxy server or other traffic relaying programs; promote money making schemes, multi-level marketing or similar activities; contain torrent trackers, torrent Portals or similar software; file sharing sites; violent or encouraging violence.
  • not to upload unacceptable material which include: IRC bots, proxy scripts, warez, image, filedump, mirror, or banner-ad services, topsites, audio/video streaming, Escrow, High-Yield Interest Programs (HYIP) or related sites, investment sites, sale of any controlled substances without providing proof of appropriate permit(s) in advance, AutoSurf sites, Bank Debentures, Bank Debenture Trading Programs, Prime Banks Programs, lottery sites, money/currency exchange sites, muds / rpg's, hate sites, hacking focused sites/archives/programs, or sites promoting illegal activities, IP Scanners, Brute Force Programs, Mail Bombers and Spam Scripts.
  • not to engage in or to instigate actions that cause harm to Web-Leader or other customers. Such actions include, but are not limited to, actions resulting in blacklisting any of Our IPs by the any online spam database, actions resulting in DDOS attacks for any servers, etc.

Web-Leader reserves the right to refuse service to anyone upon Our discretion. Any material that in Web-Leader judgment, is either obscene or threatening is strictly prohibited and will be removed from Web-Leader servers immediately with or without prior notice and may lead to possible warning, suspension or immediate account termination with no refund.

You agree that We have the sole right to decide what constitutes a violation of the acceptable policy use described above as well as what is the appropriate severity of any corrective action to be applied. In the event that a violation of Our Acceptable Use Policy is found, Web-Leader will take corrective action upon our own discretion and will notify You. Web-Leader decision in such case is binding and final, and cannot be a subject of a further change. Web-Leader cannot and shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from Our measures against actions causing harm to Web-Leader or any other third party.

We have the right to terminate each and any hosting account that has been suspended for any reason for more than 14 calendar days after the suspension date, unless You has taken corrective measures to remove the initial suspension threat or violation. Any backup copies of the hosting account will be permanently deleted upon termination and no refund will be due. Web-Leader will not be liable for any loss or damages in such cases.

9. E-mail and Anti-spam Policy.

You are prohibited from:

  • sending unsolicited bulk messages over the internet;
  • creating websites intended or likely to promote the your affiliated websites or to increase the ranking of any associated sites in the search engines;
  • sending spam and unsolicited messages to weblogs or automatically publish multiple unrelated comments or promotions of commercial services to weblog sites.

You must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and all relevant regulations and legislation on bulk and commercial email.

You are prohibited from sending mass unsolicited email messages. All emails sent to recipients who have not Confirmed Opt-In or Closed-Loop Opt-In in to mailings from You will be considered as unsolicited email messages. You using and sending mass mailings must at all times maintain complete and accurate records of all consents and opt-ins and upon request provide said records to Web-Leader. In the event that You cannot provide actual and verifiable proof of such consents and opt-ins, We will consider the mass mailing to be unsolicited.

Web-Leader prohibits the following activities listed without limitation hereunder:

  • Usage of the Web-Leader network and systems to receive replies to unsolicited mass e-mail messages.
  • Forgery of e-mail headers (i.e."spoofing").
  • Spamming using third-party proxy, aggregation of proxy lists, or proxy mailing software installation.
  • Configuring a mail server to accept and process third-party emails for sending with no user identification and/or authentication.
  • Hosting web pages advertised via "spam e-mail" sent from another network ("spamvertising").
  • Hosting any web pages or providing any services that support spam.
  • Using weblog posts, IRC/chat room messages, guestbook entries, HTTP referrer log entries, usenet posts, pop-ups, instant messages or text/SMS messages for sending, posting or transmitting unsolicited bulk messages.
  • Advocating any activities, prohibited by the Acceptable Use Section of this Agreement.

10. Additional Acceptable Use Policy for Virtual accounts:

10.1. Server Resourse Provision.

You should use the MySQL database server resources in a way that does not endanger the quality of the overall server performance. A database that generates more than 10% of the database queries longer than 1 second at any given time endangers the overall server performance. You are responsible to manage Your database(s) so that it is in compliance with this policy.

Your account should NOT use more than 10% of the shared server CPU for a period longer than 5 seconds. Any account that is using more than 10% of the shared server CPU for more than 5 seconds is endangering the overall shared server performance.

Your account should NOT use more than 256MB of the server memory resources at any given time. Any account that is using more than 256MB of the shared server memory is endangering the overall shared server performance

No script may use 25% or more of system resources for 60 seconds or longer

  • Running stand-alone, unattached server side processes/deamons is strictly prohibited
  • Running any type of web spider / indexer (Google Cash / Ad Spy) is strictly prohibited
  • Running any bit-torrent / P2P application is strictly prohibited
  • Running cron scripts with intervals of less than 15 minutes, or setting up more than 5 simultaneous cron jobs is strictly prohibited
  • Running of public file exchange services is strictly prohibited

Web-Leader staff may use the following tools at our discretion to identify use of system resources:

  • Conventional UNIX system tools, like 'ps', 'top', 'iostat' etc.
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL stats reporting features
  • cPanel report
  • Resource usage alerts from CSF/LFD server security system

WordPress Usage & Modules:

  • We do not allow any WordPress caching modules on our shared hosting services. WordPress caching modules continually cause server overload problems and are only allowed on VPS or dedicated hosting.

10.2. Disk Usage Provision.

90% or more of your content on your website must be linked from an HTML or similarly coded web page where all content is freely available to the public. Your website consists of web pages of a standard design, essentially HTML based text and graphics. Downloadable files, media, streaming content or any file which consumes more than 500kb of space must not exceed 10% of your total used disk quota. The following disc space limitations for different file types are also applicable: NO more than 5,000 MB of a shared hosting account can be allocated to music, video or other multimedia files including but not limited to .avi, .mp3, .mpeg, .jpg, .gif files; NO more than 5,000 MB of a shared hosting account can be allocated to any archive files and disk images files containing the complete contents and structure of a data storage medium; NO more than 5,000 MB of a shared hosting account can be allocated to databases dumps including but not limited to .sql files; NO more than 5,000 MB of a shared hosting account can be allocated to Executable files and all other files which are the result of compiling a program. Maximum file size allowed for upload 500Mb (FTP)/2Gb cPanel filemanager.

Using more than 50 000 inodes on a shared hosting account may result in suspension of service. Exceeding the provided limit alone may not immediately lead to a suspension, but the regular creation and deletion of large numbers of files or causing file system damages would be serious grounds for a review of your account. All hosting accounts exceeding the 50 000 inodes limit will automatically be removed from Web-Leader backup system in order to avoid overusage. Each file or folder on a shared hosting account is considered as 1 inode.

10.3. Use of Email Services.

You should use the email and other related services in full compliance with the terms below:

  • Your account is allowed to send a maximum of 200 emails per hour. Any account that exceeds this limitation is endangering the overall server performance.
  • Each email sent by You should have NO more than 20 recipients. Sending a single email to more than 20 recipients simultaneously is endangering the overall server performance.
  • The use of email clients with IMAP protocol is allowed for mailboxes with a maximum size up to 200MB. Any use of IMAP with a bigger mailbox is endangering the overall server performance.
  • The use of email clients with POP3 protocol is allowed for mailboxes with a maximum size up to 200MB. Any use of POP3 with a bigger mailbox is endangering the overall server performance.
  • Web-Leader allows up to 100 checks per hour for a POP3 mailbox. Any use of POP3 service to check a mailbox more often than 100 times per hour is endangering the overall server performance.

11. Additional Acceptable Use Policy for Dedicated Servers:

11.1. Use of Traffic (Bandwidth).

Monthly traffic included in the monthly dedicated fee is limited in accordance with the VPS type. For any additional traffic used, You will be changed $0.10 per GB. You are solely responsible to keep track of the traffic used by your VPS.

11.2. Disc Space Use.

Your account disc space is limited in accordance with the VPS Type. Up to 4 GB from the disc space is allocated to the VPS system files and this space cannot be used for storing Your content. Additional space can be order by You as additional service.

12. Additional Acceptable Use Policy for VPS Accounts:

12.1. Use of Traffic (Bandwidth).

Monthly traffic included in the monthly dedicated fee is limited in accordance with the Dedicated Server type. For any additional traffic used, You will be changed $0.10 per GB. You are solely responsible to keep track of the traffic used by your Dedicated Server.

12.2. Prohibited activity..

Server will be nullrouted for 30 min on the first incident and for 7 day on other incidents. No refund will be given.

12.3. Additional services.

The initial and renewal fees of each dedicated server include 2 Dedicated IPs. Additional dedicated IPs can be added to each customer's account. The company will charge the appropriate fee for the dedicated IP. The fee is applied and should be paid on a per year basis. The fee is non-refundable. Renewal fee is due for each Dedicated IP one year after the initial order.

The Dedicated IP is granted only after the reason for the dedicated IP request is approved by Web-Leader. Additional one-time non-refundable fee is applied to the standard Dedicated IP fee, if the reason for the IP is an External SSL installation.

Web-Leader change the dedicated IP address of the customer to another IPv4 compatible IP address after giving You much prior notice as reasonably practicable.

The RAM initially available on the Dedicated Server depends on the Dedicated Server type. Additional RAM can be ordered by You on the following terms:

  • The RAM upgrade procedure could happen in up to 5 business days after the Additional RAM order is received.
  • The RAM upgrade procedure requires a server reboot. It could take up to 2 hours once it began during which time the dedicated server will be inaccessible.
  • The Company will charge the appropriate first month fee for the additional RAM. This fee is non-refundable. Renewal fee is due for the additional RAM each month after the initial order, until the upgrade or the dedicated server is cancelled. Web-Leader will act in good faith to inform You for due renewal payments. However, You are solely responsible to make the renewal payments in a timely manner. In case of no renewal payment received Web-Leader may deactivate the additional RAM at its expiration date. The additional RAM deactivation requires server reboot and will result in temporary server inaccessibility.

Web-Leader Dedicated Servers and additional services and products come with the features and price, as described in the Dedicated Server section on Web-Leader's website, on the date of Your payment. Web-Leader reserves the right to decide if any changes made to the dedicated server services, prices or discount policies after Your payment should be applied to Your account.

You are solely responsible to provide all the needed information, so that Web-Leader can provide the ordered service. If any information is missing after the order is submitted, Web-Leader will request it from You additionally. If You do not provide the requested information in 10 business days after the request is sent, the order will be cancelled with no refund.

All Dedicated server fees, including, but not limited to, Initial fees, Additional Services and Products fees, and Renewal fees and technical support fees are non-refundable.

12.4. Technical Support.

The Dedicated Servers fees include initial set up and regular maintenance and updates of the Dedicated Server software. All technical support that is not related with the updates and regular maintenance of the initially installed support is paid additionally. The support can be requested by opening a ticket trough the HelpDesk system located in the Customer Area. Web-Leader will charge the appropriate fee for the additional support, depending on the estimated working hours needed for the task to be performed. The fee is non-refundable. The paid support is provided only after a payment for the estimated working time is made by the customer. If additional work turns out to be needed while performing the requested task, additional payment is due by the client, depending on the additional hours of work invested by Web-Leader. Web-Leader has the right to refuse support requests.

13. Storage and Security.

At all times, You shall bear full risk of loss and damage to Your server and all of Your server content. You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your password and account information. You acknowledge and agree that You are solely responsible for all acts, omissions and use under and charges incurred with Your account or password or in connection with the server or any of Your server content displayed, linked, transmitted through or stored on the server. You shall be solely responsible for undertaking measures to: (i) prevent any loss or damage to Your server content; (ii) maintain independent archival and backup copies of Your server content; (iii) ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of Your server content transmitted through or stored on Web-Leader servers; and (iv) ensure the confidentiality of Your password. Web-Leader's servers are not an archive and Web-Leader shall have no liability to You or any other person for loss, damage or destruction of any of Your content. The services offered by Web-Leader are not intended to provide a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant environment and therefore should not be utilized as such without further compliance activity. Web-Leader shall have no liability to You or any other person for Your use of Web-Leader products and/or services in violation of these terms.

14. Transfer of Content.

In the event You terminate this Agreement or Your use of Web-Leader products and/or services, then moving Your server content off of the Web-Leader dedicated servers is Your responsibility. Web-Leader will not transfer or FTP Your server content to another provider. In the event Your use of Web-Leader products and/or services is terminated, Web-Leader will not transfer or manage Your Dedicated Services or Your server content.

15. Third Party Software.

Web-Leader provides some third party software to You for easier account management including, but is not limited to Direct Admin, Installatron, etc. Such software is provided on an as is as available basis. We do not guarantee that any specific results can be obtained by using such software. Web-Leader does not take responsibility for any faults in such software functioning.

You can add and use third party software on Your account only if it is compatible with Our servers and is approved by Web-Leader. Your use of any third party software is at Your own risk. Web-Leader cannot be responsible for any third party software performance and provides no guarantees that its use will result in any particular outcome or result. Web-Leader will have no liability or responsibility for any damage, loss of data, loss of use or other loss occurring in connection with Your use of third party software or products.

You are solely responsible for any license and other fees required by the software providers, for using any third party software installed on Your account apart from the initial account setup.

16. Web-Leader Reservation of Rights.

  • Web-Leader explicitly reserves the right and sole discretion to: (i) modify its pricing, if desired by Web-Leader ; (ii) establish limits and guidelines concerning the use of Web-Leader services and/or products; (iii) terminate Your use of Web-Leader services and/or products for use of Web-Leader services and/or products to unnecessarily or illegally harass Web-Leader or third parties, non-payment of fees for Web-Leader services and/or products, activities designed to defame, embarrass, harm, abuse, threaten, slander or harass third parties, activities prohibited by the laws of the United States and/or foreign territories in which You conduct business, activities designed to encourage unlawful behavior by others, such as hate crimes, terrorism and child pornography, activities that are tortious, vulgar, obscene, invasive of the privacy of a third party, racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable in the sole opinion of Web-Leader, activities designed to impersonate the identity of a third party, activities designed to harm minors in any way, and other activities whether lawful or unlawful that Web-Leader determines, in its sole discretion, to be harmful to its other customers, operations, or reputation; (iv) terminate Your use of Web-Leader services and/or products if Your use of Web-Leader services and/or products may results in, results in, or is the subject of, legal action or threatened or proposed legal action, against Web-Leader or any of its affiliates or partners, without consideration for whether such legal action or threatened or proposed legal action is eventually determined to be with or without merit; and (v) terminate Your use of Web-Leader services and/or products at any time and for any reason if deemed reasonably necessary by Web-Leader. Web-Leader has no obligation to monitor Your use of Web-Leader services and/or products, but reserves the right in its sole discretion to do so.
  • Right of refusal. Web-Leader has the right to refuse services to anyone at our discretion.

17. Limitation of Liability; Waiver and Release.

The services offered by Web-Leader are being provided on an "AS IS" and Web-Leader expressly disclaims any and all warranties, whether express or implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, to the fullest extent permitted or authorized by law. Without limitation of the foregoing, Web-Leader expressly does not warrant that Web-Leader services and/or products will meet Your requirements, function as intended, or that the use of the provided services will be uninterrupted or error free. In no event shall Web-Leader be liable for any or all direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, procurement of substitute goods or services; loss of use, data, or profits; or business interruption) however caused and on any theory of liability, whether in contract, strict liability, or tort (including, but not limited to, negligence or otherwise) arising in any way out of the use of the services, even if Web-Leader is aware of or has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Accordingly, You for Yourself and all of Your heirs, personal representatives, predecessors, successors and assigns, hereby fully release, remise, and forever discharge Web-Leader and all affiliates of Web-Leader, and all officers, agents, employees, and representatives of Web-Leader, and all of their heirs, personal representatives, predecessors, successors and assigns, for, from and against any and all claims, liens, demands, causes of action, controversies, offsets, obligations, losses, damages and liabilities of every kind and character whatsoever, including, but not limited to, any action omission, misrepresentation or other basis of liability founded either in tort or contract and the duties arising thereunder, whether known or unknown, relating to or arising out of, or in any way connected with or resulting from, the products and services and Your acquisition and use thereof, including, but not limited to, the provision of Web-Leader services and/or products by Web-Leader and its agents and employees.

18. Notices.

You agree that any notices required to be given under this Agreement by us to you will be deemed to have been given if delivered in accordance with the account and/or domain name WHOIS information you have provided.

19. Legal Age.

You attest that you are of legal age to enter into this Agreement.

20. Final Agreement.

This Agreement, the referenced agreements, together with all modifications, constitute the complete and exclusive agreement between You and us, and supersede and govern all prior proposals, agreements, or other communications. This Agreement may not be amended or modified by You except by means of a written document signed by both You and an authorized representative of us.

21. No Agency Relationship.

Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed as creating any agency, partnership, or other form of joint enterprise between the parties hereto. Each party shall ensure that the foregoing persons shall not represent to the contrary, either expressly, implicitly, by appearance or otherwise.

22. Enforceability.

In the event that any provision of this Agreement shall be unenforceable or invalid under any applicable law or be so held by applicable court decision, such unenforceability or invalidity shall not render this Agreement unenforceable or invalid as a whole. We will amend or replace such provision with one that is valid and enforceable and which achieves, to the extent possible, our original objectives and intent as reflected in the original provision.

23. Force Majeure.

Neither party shall be deemed in default hereunder, nor shall it hold the other party responsible for, any cessation, interruption or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder due to causes beyond its control including, but not limited to: earthquake; flood; fire; storm; natural disaster; act of God; war; terrorism; armed conflict; labor strike; lockout; boycott; supplier failures, shortages, breaches, or delays; or any law, order regulation, direction, action or request of the government, including any federal, state and local governments having or claiming jurisdiction over Web-Leader, or of any department, agency, commission, bureau, corporation or other instrumentality of any federal, state, or local government, or of any civil or military authority; or any other cause or circumstance, whether of a similar or dissimilar nature to the foregoing, beyond the reasonable control of the affected party, provided that the party relying upon this section (i) shall have given the other party written notice thereof promptly and, in any event, within five (5) days of discovery thereof and (ii) shall take all steps reasonably necessary under the circumstances to mitigate the effects of the force majeure event upon which such notice is based; provided further, that in the event a force majeure event described in this Section extends for a period in excess of 14 days in the aggregate, Web-Leader may immediately terminate this Agreement.

24. Headings.

The section headings appearing in this Agreement are inserted only as a matter of convenience and in no way define, limit, construe or describe the scope or extent of such section or in any way affect such section.