Получайте выплаты по партнерской программе, разместив ссылку

Активируйте партнерский аккаунт и начните зарабатывать прямо сейчас...

  • Мы платим комиссию за каждый заказ, сделанный через вашу партнерскую ссылку.
  • Мы отслеживаем посетителей, пришедших по вашей партнерской ссылке через cookie, поэтому не обязательно делать заказ сразу. Мы учтем заказ сделанный позже, т.к. информация в cookie храниться 30 дней с первого визита.
  • Если вы хотите узнать больше - свяжитесь с нами.


Sign up for the Affiliate Program and get paid a 15% commission on any hosting or 5% commission on any server first purchase your referral makes. Our Affiliate Program is easy to set up (no technical skills necessary) and free to join. You dont have to be a long-standing customer to join as affiliate. We provide links and banners necessary to promote products and services. All you need to do is display them on your website or share them via word of mouth, social networks, and email. Its that easy. Become a Affiliate and start earning today!

How it works

As an affiliate, you will be provided with a unique affiliate-id, links, and banners necessary to promote products. You may display the link and banners in any area on your website as you wish. Whenever a visitor to your site clicks the link/banners, theyll be redirected to If they sign up and make a purchase on, well give you a 5% or 15% commission on the first sale!

Feel free to promote any product that offers in any manner you choose. However, it shouldn't mislead your referred individuals about services.

Getting Started

  1. Just login to your account and enable the affiliate program. If you don't have a account yet, sign up for free today!
  2. Choose the banner you like
  3. Copy the code of the banner and paste it on your website is responsible for payment processing, cancellations, returns and other related customer service for products and services. is also responsible for tracking affiliate sales and commissions and providing this information to the affiliate. However, will not be responsible for lost sales due to technical difficulties preventing from providing product or service to the referred individual.

You, as an affiliate, are not eligible for a commission payment on purchases made by you, your employees, agents, representatives, or contractors, as well as made from several accounts owned by the same person. Commission is paid for the first purchase only made by a single individual.

Partners are not allowed:

  • To use forbidden websites to advertise
  • To make force redirection of customers to resource using affiliate link or advertising banner.
  • To create, post, distribute advertising information about the company in violation of the law. employees are not allowed to participate in the Affiliate Program.